Some Basic Things You Must Know When Migrating to Dubai

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The economic and tourist hub of the Middle East, Dubai, is home to a large population of migrants. In fact about four-fifth of the Dubai population constitutes of migrants. This goes to show how much famous Dubai has become for people from around the world, and a big reason for this is higher earning opportunity, enhanced standard of living, tax-free income and globally popular market culture.

If you are looking to migrate to Dubai, then it is a great option for you future-wise but owing to the strict laws and regulations you must be fully aware of all the laws and guidelines. You can consult an immigration lawyer in Dubai for this, and apart from that our guide below will shed light on few important facts that will surely help you:

Know the Legal Requirements
There are different types of visa for which you can apply. These include – Employment visa (most common), Family or dependent visa, Student Visa, and Investor visa. Research about the all, check the eligibility and other conditions and prepare your paperwork beforehand. Go through the official portals of government authorities or consult a specialist immigration lawyer in Dubai to get your basics correct and prepare for your migration accordingly.

Cost of Living
For people looking for rental properties to live in Dubai, they must remember that there are strict regulations related to them which they should abide by

The cost of living in Dubai is relatively lower than cities like New York or London, but still not so cheap as well. Depending on your earning and your lifestyle, make sure to research about all the information beforehand related to rental prices, utility costs, food, accommodation, education, healthcare and other costs.

Cultural Differences
One of the major impacts of moving to a different country is experience cultural differences same can be said for Dubai. However, being a global hub, you will find a healthy blend of cultural involvement. As most of the people in Dubai are expatriates, English can be easily considered as the major communication language, so this should not be a big problem for migrants.

Remember that to migrate to Dubai on employment Visa, you need to secure the job offer from the company beforehand. Passing health check is important even if you have a valid visa. For more about migrating to Dubai, it will help you to consult a professional immigration lawyer in Dubai.

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