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Pakistani Lawyers of ProConsult Advocates and Legal Consultants

ProConsult Advocates and Legal Consultants team consists of lawyers from different countries including Pakistan. This allows us to understand the problems of our multi-jurisdictional clients and giving better services to them.

We have a legal team of Pakistani Lawyers who have a wide knowledge and expertise in the UAE and Pakistani Laws. Our lawyers are well equipped to handle all your cases and provide you with the best resolution at reasonable rates.

Being a full-fledged law firm, we offer a wide range of legal services to all the people in UAE regardless of their nationalities. Our well-trained expert lawyers will provide you the best advice and services to resolve all your legal hassles.

Assistance and Guidance in setting up of Business

To the people who migrated to UAE from Pakistan seeking new business opportunities, ProConsult’s team of legal professionals provide full legal services including but not limited to incorporating free zone companies, joint ventures, offshore companies, LLC Companies. We provide exclusive offers for setting up of businesses in main-land, free zones and off-shore companies.

Confused about UAE Laws?

We deal with matters related to Corporate Law, Banking Law, Insurance Law, Real Estate Law, Labour Law, Criminal Law and Divorce and Family Law. Dealing in legal matters in a foreign country can be complicated and challenging for any expat. In case of any legal issue, our Pakistani Lawyers in Dubai can help and guide you through your tough time.

Both Pakistan and the UAE follows different laws and legal systems. While the UAE follows civil law system, the common law is prevalent in Pakistan. Due to this, people find it difficult to understand the laws when they migrate from Pakistan to UAE.


Our Pakistani lawyers in Dubai are fluent in Urdu, Hindi, Punjabi, Saraiki, English and many other local Pakistani languages. Since Pakistanis contribute a major part of UAE’s total population, this allows our Pakistani lawyers to connect with a large portion of people here.

Understanding of Sharia

The foundation of civil and criminal laws of the UAE and Pakistan is Sharia law. Still there are practical differences in the application of sharia law in the UAE. Our Pakistani lawyers are well versed with such differences in laws and can provide you accurate and reliable advice whenever you need it.

Our Services

  • Assistance in queries relating to all legal matters.
  • Assistance in family related issues including divorce, child custody, maintenance and drafting of divorce agreements.
  • Company formation, documentation, obtaining various licenses and registrations.
  • Mediation and arbitration services in matters in which out of court settlement is possible.
  • Advisory/Legal Opinions relating to complex legal issues, both civil and criminal.
  • Inheritance, wills and succession.
  • Drafting of lease deeds, sub-lease agreements, license agreements, maintenance agreements, commercial leases of property, power of attorney, sale deeds, and other commercial agreements
  • Real Estate matters
  • Bounced Cheque cases
  • Travel Ban Check and Immigration issues

For any queries or legal services, you can contact us at +971 4 3298711 or send us an email on pakistani.lawyers@uaeahead.com. Also visit our website www.uaeahead.com