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The Best Employment Lawyers in Dubai, UAE

In the Global Economy we are living in, and in a highly professional business environment in a mega city like Dubai, and in general the United Arab Emirates, managing relationships at the workplace is a vital part of every company’s business strategy. Careful human resources planning and management requires adopting sound employment policies.  Such policies in fact have a great influence on a company’s performance and standing in the market.

The Employment Law practice at ProConsult Advocates & Legal Consultants provides legal advice to all employees, and companies operating in the UAE, and human resources managers, on employment related matters, whether contentious or non-contentious, in UAE law as well as DIFC law.

Our attorneys have represented clients in a wide area of disputes, including unfair dismissal, termination for redundancy, claims for post-termination entitlements and gratuity, enforcement and contesting of employment contracts, including confidentiality and non-competition clauses, discrimination and harassment claims, wage claims as well as other disputes arising out of the employer-employee relationship.

Our lawyers are well versed in handling employment claims with the Dubai courts, DIFC Courts, the Abu Dhabi Courts and other UAE Courts in general. Our services include:

Employment Contracts

We draft and review employment contracts. Our employment contracts take into account your business objectives, the nature of your business activities, location and licensing authority (mainland or free zone company), the position offered to the employee, and seek to accommodate all your business needs and requirements.

Company Employment Policies/Handbook

We advise on and draft company employment policies, which complement the employment contract in terms of regulating the relationship between the Employer and the Employee, and set a framework and code of conduct form the employees at the workplace, including safety policies for the workplace that employers have to observe for a safe working environment.

Non-competition and confidentiality clauses

ProConsult Employment Lawyers in Dubai advise companies on the non-competition and confidentiality provisions in employment contracts or other documents signed by an employee, and ways to enforce such provisions within the legal framework applicable in the UAE, and case law. We further draft and incorporate such provisions in your contracts in a professional manner that ensures the enforceability of the provisions in UAE courts and DIFC courts, and prevents an employee from working for a competitor upon termination of his contract, or soliciting the ex-employer’s clients and employees.

Breach of Confidentiality

Our Employment Lawyers in Dubai understand the need to protect the confidential information and trade secrets of our clients, and are well versed to deal with cases related to breach of confidentiality agreements or covenants that are part of the employment contract or ancillary documents, to protect the interests of our clients.

Unfair Dismissal Cases

We represent employees in cases of unfair dismissal/unlawful termination of an employee by his employers. Our expert lawyers are well versed in the UAE labour laws and can give appropriate legal advice to the clients, and represent them in court to seek proper relief and remedies and the payment of their dues, including unpaid salaries, gratuity, payment in lieu of notice, payment in lieu of untaken leave, additional compensation for unfair dismissal, and repatriation expenses.