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Best Debt Recovery Lawyers in Dubai, UAE

Outstanding/unpaid invoices are always a concern for the businesses as the recovery of the same is a time-consuming and frustrating process. In order to get out of such troubles, it is necessary to have updated knowledge with the statutory and legal requirements.

ProConsult Advocates and Legal Consultants’ expert team is well-equipped to find the best solution for your cases relating to debt recovery. Our aim is to recover your outstanding dues through the Courts or an amicable out of Court settlement.

Pocket-Friendly Packages to Recover your Debts

We don’t believe in emptying your pocket in the process of the recovery of your unpaid debts. We understand your concerns and provide exclusive and pocket-friendly fee packages to provide our legal services.

What We Do??

ProConsult Team is well versed in the process of recovery of funds through dispute resolution, mediation, negotiation and settlement as well as criminal and civil litigation.

In case of issues which can be resolved among the parties peacefully, without consuming time and money, our team can assist you in the whole process of negotiation until and unless you get a reasonable settlement scheme.

If you feel that a strict legal action is required in order to meet justice, our experts can handle the matter and open a case before the Courts. We will send legal notices to the debtor initially before taking the matter to the Courts. Following this, we will be representing you before the Courts to obtain a judgment in your favour following which, the debtors’ assets will be identified and attached. After all these processes, we can assist you in applying for arrest warrants and travel ban orders against the debtors.

Debt Recovery from Indian Debtors

We also provide debt recovery services against debtors who fled to India with significant unpaid debts. In fact it has become easier to recover these debts with the recent changes in the Indian law which allows enforcement of UAE Court orders as if it was pronounced by the Courts in India. ProConsult team with our legal partners all over India, can help you in enforcing the same in India without wasting your time and money.

Our Services

  • Assistance in queries relating to Debt Recovery issues.
  • Assistance in Mediation and Settlement with the parties.
  • Representation before various Courts in the UAE in case of litigation and execution of Court orders.
  • Enforcement of UAE Court orders in India with the help of our Legal Partners in India.

To book an appointment or talk to our Lawyer, please Click Here or send us an E-mail to proconsult@uaeahead.com