We have the right of audience before all UAE courts. We are also registered with the Dubai International Financial Centre Court Register of Practitioners and are authorized to issue and conduct proceedings before the DIFC Courts. Our legal team ‘s level of trial experience in both commercial and civil cases creates outstanding judgment and perspective in managing litigation.

Litigation Practice

Our litigators are client-driven and always seek the most pragmatic, cost-effective solution for clients. We achieve the best possible results at reasonable costs, whether through an early settlement or after a lengthy trial.

Our litigation lawyers have extensive trial experience in both commercial and civil cases including representing individuals and corporate clients in civil, criminal and administrative proceedings, suits involving the enforcement of contracts, actions for the recovery of damages based on contract and tort, intra-corporate and insurance and marine disputes, pursuing the judicial enforcement of intellectual property rights and international trade disputes.

Although an amicable settlement is always preferable, should things become contentious, a client may feel comfortable knowing that his ProConsult assigned lawyer has been handling his case throughout its duration and, therefore, is intimately aware of its history.

In matters of urgency, our team of legal experts are well experienced in the formalities of applying for immediate Court actions.

Our team of legal experts are fully conversant in all forms of litigation..