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Our Affiliations & International Legal Services

This Dubai Law Office ProConsult Advocates & Legal Consultants is the exclusive member of the International Law Firms (ILF) Association in Dubai and the UAE.

Our Managing Director Mr. Tony Maalouli is the Vice Chairman of the the International Law Firms (ILF) Association.

ILF is an international association of law firms with high repute in the commercial legal services area, with nearly 70 branches in almost 50 nations till date. This Dubai Law Firm is, therefore, capable of guiding its customers and helps them efficiently and satisfactorily. We serve our clients through our ILF Branch Law Offices in almost all jurisdictions around the globe including Kuwait, KSA, UK, France, Germany, Spain, Australia, and the USA.

ProConsult was also the leading Dubai law firm member of the MSI Global Alliance (MSI) until 2022, which is considered as an international alliance of independent accounting and law firms that hold more than 250 associate corporations in almost 100 nations.

The MSI associate companies are counted as the most esteemed, English-speaking, specialized services organizations in their local markets. These companies share a mutual aspiration to deliver partner-led, personal, monetarily worth solutions to the cross-border difficulties tackled by different businesses. ProConsult association with MSI allows the company to quickly get the most dependable, local expertise wherever around the globe customers are involved in some trade or cross-border transactions.

Assistance and Guidance in your International Business Transactions

ProConsult Advocates and Legal Consultants team consists of lawyers from different countries. This allows us to understand the problems of our multi-jurisdictional clients and giving better services to them and dealing with cross-border transactions with the assistance of other ILF member firms.

For any queries or legal services and assistance with your international business transactions, you can contact us at +971 4 3298711 or send us an email on proconsult@uaeahead.com. Also visit our website https://uaeahead.com