How a Lawyer Can Help You in Dubai Concerning Various Legal Aspects

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From establishing an offshore office in Dubai, to facing real estate argument, family legal disputes, divorce cases and more such legal aspects, you need the assistance of a lawyer to represent you and to help you go through the process thoroughly and in accordance with the law.

Dubai has a very strict legal structure and therefore one needs to be very specific when it comes to facing any legal issue or being engaged in a commercial process that requires everything to be in agreement to the law. For your any legal need in Dubai, you must consult a professional and reliable lawyer that has experience in the domain and full knowledge of the instance you are dealing with.

How a Lawyer Can Help You in Dubai?
There are various ways a lawyer can help, depending on the specific situation, field and your specific requirements:

Business Setup and Offshore Company Formation
A business setup involves a complex procedure, including the paperwork, which can only be handled and processed through with right and comprehensive legal guidance and assistance. There are multiple ways a foreign investor or company can open a new venture or a subsidiary of their established business. However, there are specific rules and regulations regarding Free Zones, company setup laws, labour laws, and much more for which you would need assistance of a legal lawyer.

Corporate, Commercial and Employment Law
From litigation issues up to company liquidation, shareholding procedure, license and permits, tax consultation, employee laws and more, lawyers in Dubai help companies and individuals manage their business, commercial and professional aspects efficiently with legal consultation and support.

Banking and Finance Law
This includes debt recovery, representation in litigation cases by or against the banks, credit letters, banking facilities documentation and agreements, securities and guarantees, and much more.

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Criminal Law
Whether you are facing a prosecution or are being investigated, criminal cases always need the expertise of a professional and skilled lawyer for representation because of the complexities and a term on life in question. Such cases involve criminal fraud, theft, breach of trust, defamation, forgery, cyber-crime, harassment, abduction, assault and battery, arson and more.

Real Estate Law
In the recent decades, Dubai has become a haven for real estate growth and therefore there are chances that legal arguments and disputes would arise between parties such as transactions, property rights, license and permits, litigation and arbitration, and more.

Family Law
Your family is first, but sometimes unfortunately there are situations and incidents which can be really painful for you and such which can be handled under the law. These include domestic violence, divorce cases, custody and alimony, and more.

These are the main areas of working which you could require representation depending on your particular circumstance. As Dubai law is very strict, it is always recommended to hire a professional and experienced one that can understand your need and provide full, transparent guidance and help prepare a strong representation.


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