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Online Defamation – Punishment under UAE Law

A human being is entitled to have reputation and dignity without which he cannot live a peaceful life. This is the reason why the law treats defamation as a serious crime as it harms a person’s reputation. Reputation is the state of being held in high esteem and honor or the general estimation that the […]
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Arbitrary Dismissal of Workers under UAE Labour Law

The UAE labour laws are very much lenient to the workers. When an employer dismisses an employee without a notice or warning letter or forces him to resign from the job without any reasonable grounds, such dismissal would amount to an arbitrary dismissal. Article 122 of the UAE Labour Law defines that when a worker […]
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Divorce in UAE under the Federal Personal Status Law

Ending a marriage is never going to be easy. There is no doubt about that, divorce will take its toll on you emotionally and financially. In this article, we will guide you to better understand the legal process which is followed in family disputes. The first stage of the legal process for divorce is the […]
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Gratuity Benefits and its Calculation under UAE Labour Law

The term “gratuity” refers to a monetary benefit given by the employer to his employee in the event of retirement, resignation or termination of services. The practice of giving gratuity has originated in order to ensure that patrons receive the best service possible. This practice has later evolved as a custom which allows rewards to […]
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